Monday, April 9, 2012

Status update

Just wanted to give a quick update about what going on with SnG Solver...

Most of the updates since 1.0.3 have been relatively minor fixes or UI tweaks.  But coming soon will be version 1.1 which will introduce some major additions to functionality and to the interface.  I cant give any details just yet, but I'm pretty excited by what I think it will represent to the state of poker hand analysis.  Keep watching this space for the latest info!

There will be at least one more update (1.0.9) before 1.1 is released that will include a number of smaller updates and some the requested features you guys have asked for.  I'm going to try to have that out late this week. 

1.1 will continue to be a free upgrade, as will any 1.x version of SnG Solver.  And, to be clear, I have a very large list of future improvements and no plans to ever charge for an update.

I intend to use this blog more often that I have been.  Between Facebook, Twitter, forums, email, etc... there's a lot of ways I've been in communication you guys, but I'm going to try to make these pages the primary source for new SnG Solver information.

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