Thursday, February 9, 2012

New version: 1.0.4

SnG Solver v1.0.4 can now be downloaded here.

Added support for Ongame hand histories.  Also fixed some problems reading some hand histories from PokerStars.

As always, if you have a hand history from a site that you'd like to see supported, don't hesitate to send it to

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New version: 1.0.3

SnG Solver v1.0.3 can now be downloaded here.

Notable in this update is the reading/importing of hand history files, some significant performance improvements, and customizable colors.

Hand history support is still fairly basic.  Supported sites are currently PokerStars, Everleaf, and Pacific/888.  If you have a file from a different site, or a file that for any reason is not being handled correctly, please do not hesitate to send it to and I will try to get it supported ASAP.

Release Notes: 

  • Details view now shows total EV for action, instead of fraction of total tree
  • Added import hand history file support (Pokerstars, Everleaf, Cassava)
  • Added "Paste in" hand history support
  • Added support for SSE4
  • added new color options and palette customization
  • performance improvements to equilibrium convergence
  • Fixed: table view doesnt always update correctly after editing/solving new han
  • Fixed: blind position for future hands when both big/small blind eliminated not always correct
  • Fixed: "one blind" button was missing

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