Monday, July 30, 2012

Minor update:

Just released a new version ( available in the downloads area. 

It adds 90/180-player payouts to the "Game->Common Payouts" menu and a few small changes to how some hand history files are parsed.

Not a big update, but those of you that play MTTSNGs on PokerStars are likely to find it useful.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New version: 1.0.10

Version 1.0.10 is now available in the downloads area. 

A few highlights for this release are:

  • A single SnG Solver license can now be activated on TWO computers.  A lot of you with a desktop computer and a laptop have been asking for this. 
  •  You don't have to use the "edit" button as much.   Most actions from the game menu (like pasting a hand history) will now automatically put SnG Solver back into "edit" mode without you having to push the Edit button yourself. 
    In very early versions of SnG Solver, before I had a chance to optimizing things very much, sometimes a "solve" could take a long time.  Because of this, I wanted to make sure it was difficult to accidentally clear what might have been a very lengthy solve process.  This is why you had to explicitly push the "Edit" button between solves.  But, now that solving a hand is usually very quick, this system was proving to be more inconvenient than helpful.
  • More convenient pasting from hand histories.  You can now paste a HH directly into the SnG Solver window without having to open a separate dialog first.  Either by using the menu command or the usual paste hotkey (Ctrl+V), a hand history in your clipboard will be parsed and the appropriate edit boxes will be filled in automatically.  If the HH cant be understood for some reason, the usual HH edit dialog will pop up to relate what the problem might be.  Also, you can paste and solve a hand with a single hokey combo (Ctrl+Shift+V). 
  • Hold'Em Manager hand history viewer format now supported.  A lot of you have asked for this one too... Now you can copy directly from HEM's hand viewer and into SnG Solver.
  • Improved EV and variance graphs.  Information is now sorted better with additional variance bands... I will be writing more later about this often overlooked feature... stay tuned!

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